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KSBA Annual Conference - Tucker
Bethanie Tucker will discuss Understanding Poverty at the KSBA Annual Conference.
PEAK Award nominationsNow Being AcceptedRead More ▸
PEAK Award nominations now being accepted through Feb. 20, 2018
Student Discipline HandbookRead More ▸
KSBA's 2017 update of the Kentucky Student Discipline Desk Reference is now available.
Current Legislative Issues
The 2018 KSBA Legislative Agenda focuses on four priorities aimed at improving the education of each and every Kentucky student.
  • Enacting an agenda that gets the state’s financial house in order and moves the state forward together.
  • Reforming school-based decision-making (SBDM) councils.
  • Enacting tax reform that increases general fund revenues.
  • Ensuring an effective teacher for every child through tribunal and tenure reform.

Read details of the agenda. 

KSBA offers a number of opportunities in different formats for school board members to meet their annual training requirements. In addition to in person training at the KSBA Annual Meeting, Summer Leadership Institute and Winter Symposium, KSBA offers in-district training and self-study credits. 

Subject matter includes mandated topics – school finance, ethics and superintendent evaluation. KSBA also offers various training sessions on innovative programs. The KSBA Academy of Studies is for those who want to go above and beyond basic requirements. 
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