KDE seeking examples of unique training at the district level that boost student learning

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The Kentucky Department of Education and Learning Forward need your help in identifying exemplary professional learning in Kentucky schools and districts.

Across Kentucky, educators benefit from effective professional learning focused on strengthening professional practice and student learning. Sharing exemplary professional learning across districts and schools creates opportunities for educators to learn from each other’s success by providing models to study. Examples of various schools’ and districts’ approaches to planning, implementing, and evaluating professional learning could assist individual growth and could address team, school, district, and state priorities and goals.

To create a repository of exemplary practices, schools and districts are invited to submit evidence of their exemplary professional learning to serve as models for other schools and districts and to be recognized for their successful efforts. To be considered as an exemplar of effective professional learning, a school or district submits an application that explains how its professional learning employs the Kentucky Standards for Professional Learning to plan, implement, and evaluate professional learning as outlined in 704 KAR 3:035 (http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/704/003/035.htm) and its impact on educator practice and student learning. Professional learning for teachers, administrators, other education support staff, teams, etc. may be considered. Schools and district submitting an application will receive feedback from the team of reviewers that will be designed to help them reflect on and refine their professional learning.

The attached rubric should be used to guide your decision in identifying those schools and districts with exemplary professional learning. After deciding which schools/districts you wish to apply, please notify them and include the rubric and application form. Each application is restricted to no more than five pages with no additional attachments. Please contact any school or district that you think exemplifies an exemplary school/district and ask them to send the application electronically to: Linda Holbrook [linda.holbrook@education.ky.gov].

The deadline for applying is 4 p.m. ET, Monday, June 9.

Notification of exemplary schools will be announced in late August.

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