CDC seeks applications for $70 million in community health grants; program is open to school districts



The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is accepting applications from school districts and other agencies/organizations to reduce chronic disease rates, prevent the development of secondary conditions, address health disparities, and develop effective prevention programming.

The overarching purpose of this program is to prevent heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other leading chronic disease-related causes of death or disability through a variety of “policy, environmental, programmatic, and, as appropriate, infrastructure” interventions to promote healthier lifestyles.

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, school districts, local housing authorities, local transportation authorities, health departments, planning and economic development agencies, non-profit and community based organizations, area aging agencies, and cooperative extension agencies (educational programs within land grant universities).

Approximate Average Award: The size of awards will vary with size of the intervention population, the scale and complexity of the proposed activities, the number of ACA (Affordable Care Act) outcome measures to be addressed by the project, and the needs of each community. Award amounts will range from $1 per capita to $10 per capita (based on the size of the proposed intervention population as well as the number and complexity of the proposed strategies and outcomes) per year, with the minimum award being $200,000 for the two-year project period for intervention populations of up to 100,000 and a smaller number of strategies and outcome measures.

The strongest applications will be those that reach larger populations up to 500,000. For tribes, the strongest applications will be those that serve a large proportion of or all tribal members. Larger awards will go to applicants serving larger populations (up to 500,000) and selecting all five outcome measures. The average award will likely be in the range of $2.5 million for two years, commensurate with intervention population size, the scale, comprehensiveness and complexity of the interventions to be implemented, and the number of CTG outcomes to be addressed.

Funding at $750,000 or more per year: Recipients funded at $750,000 or more per year must provide at least 50 percent of the total grant funding to local community entities, including governmental agencies or non-governmental organizations to ensure local participation, support and effective implementation of the program. (Page 13)

Funding only one application serving the same intervention population per geographic region: CDC will fund only one application serving the same intervention population per geographic area. A funded entity is responsible for implementing the program only within the geographic area and intervention population specified in the application.

The application form is attached below.

For more information, see the attached pdf document or contact Jamie Sparks, KDE's Coordinated School Health Program coordinator.

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