Kentucky Safe Schools Week will be Oct. 16–22; Center for School Safety puts the focus of observation on stopping bullying


Kentucky schools, led by the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS), will observe Oct. 16–22 as Safe Schools Week. This observance coincides with the national campaign. America’s Safe Schools Week is sponsored by the National School Safety Center.

“Heroes come is all shapes and sizes; every day we witness heroes in our schools working to teach, coach and train our students. Hats off to all our heroes, and we encourage our students to step up and be the hero to help us stop bullying in our schools, providing a safer environment for all,” said Jon Akers, executive director of the KCSS.

This year's theme is “Be the HERO; STOP the Bullying!” which focuses on everyday heroes, their roles in our lives and how each one of us needs to step up and “Be the HERO” when the opportunities arise, both in school and in life. HERO: Honor, Encourage, Respect and Opportunity will be the powerful words emphasized in our campaign to empower students to choose to be a HERO either openly or silently using an online tip line. Being a HERO isn't just a label for a time; it's an attitude and a code to live by.

During this week, all Kentuckians will be urged to improve the safety of our schools by educating students, staff and community members about conflict resolution, bullying prevention and relationship building. If students choose to be a “Silent Hero” and help without getting involved for fear of retaliation, KCSS offers to partner with schools and provide a free online reporting tool, the S.T.O.P! Tip line. The tip line encourages students, parents or community members who know of an unsafe situation in school, to anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using a digital format. Check it out at

During Safe Schools Week our website supplies a variety of teaching aids, including an online “Be the HERO; STOP the Bullying! Pledge,” PowerPoint presentations, lessons, links to interactive websites and much more. Resources will also be available for school administrators, parents and community involvement here.

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