Rockcastle County Schools

Rockcastle County Schools

(est. 2,900 - PS - 12)
The Rockcastle County Board of Education is seeking an innovative, student centered leader with strong proven leadership and a record of improving student achievement as its next superintendent. The successful candidate should have administrative experience and be an instructional leader who is assessment and data driven. It is important for the candidate to have the ability to effectively communicate and meet the needs of all staff in a fair and consistent manner that promotes teamwork. The new superintendent must be involved and visible in the community as well as have a record that reflects strong morals, ethics, honesty and integrity.  Experience with budgeting, school finances, school safety, facility planning, along with working knowledge of the Kentucky Education System is required.

Rockcastle County is located in South Central Kentucky, 45 minutes South of Lexington. Rockcastle County is easily accessed by I-75, which runs through the county.

It is a community which embodies the best of Appalachian culture with self-sufficiency, hard work and honesty. The area has a rich musical heritage and is a beacon for music lovers from all over, amid a picturesque, rolling landscape, historic caves, a placid lake and scenic rivers.       

Rockcastle County includes the small towns of Brodhead, Livingston, and Mt. Vernon, the county seat and largest of the three, with a population of approximately 2,480. Each town has a unique atmosphere and personality, but all share the relaxed pace and friendly nature of rural America. Our communities are rural, but due to our central location and proximity to one of the country‚Äôs busiest interstates, we are not far from big city amenities.

The healthcare sector plays a vital role in the economy of rural communities and Rockcastle County is blessed to have the Rockcastle Regional Hospital & Respiratory Care Center.

Since the early forties, Rockcastle County has benefited from the tourist trade provided by Renfro Valley Entertainment Center, located two miles North of Mt. Vernon, where some of the biggest names in country music are still performing.
Recreational facilities in the area include parks, campgrounds, lakes and museums.

The salary will be negotiable with the contract to begin July 1st, 2020.

Kentucky superintendent certification is required.  A competitive salary will be offered for a July 1, 2020 contract start.
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Application deadline is Feb. 10, 2020

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