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School Board Member Job Description

A KENTUCKY SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER … works as a team member to govern the activities of the school district by setting policy and providing resources to improve achievement for each student in the district. A board member must carry out responsibilities for the benefit of, and in the interest of, individuals and groups in the school district. While individual board members have no authority outside of legally called board meetings, members must be able to perform all activities listed when gathered as a corporate body.

Job Qualifications

To serve on a local board of education a person must meet the qualifications outlined in KRS 160.180:
  1. Be at least 24 years old.
  2. Have been a citizen of Kentucky for at least three years preceding her election and be a voter of the district she is elected to represent.
  3. Have completed at least the 12th grade, been issued a GED certificate or been elected prior to July 14, 1990 with no lapse in service.
  4. Have signed an affidavit under penalty of perjury certifying completion of the 12th grade or the equivalent as determined by passage of the 12th-grade equivalency examination regulated by the state board of education, and have filed an affidavit with the nominating petition.
  5. Does not hold a state office requiring the constitutional oath and is not a member of the General Assembly.
  6. Does not hold or discharge the duties of any civil or political office, deputyship, or agency under city or county government.
  7. Is not, at the time of his election, directly or indirectly involved in the sale to the board of anything, including services, paid for with school funds.
  8. Has not been removed from a board of education for cause.
  9. Does not have a father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, and daughter employed by the school district.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: The school board has direct supervisory responsibility for the district superintendent.

REPORTS TO: The school board reports to the community as their elected trustee.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: The responsibilities of the school board include the ability to function effectively as a team in each of the following areas*:

*These activities are performed as a board of education team, not as an individual school board member.


Build School District Leadership

  1. Approve strategic plan
  2. Approve district improvement plan
  3. Determine impact on student achievement
  4. Set data-driven expectations and goals
  5. Hire a superintendent
  6. Appoint a board secretary, treasurer and board attorney
  7. Conduct team evaluation of the superintendent
  8. Meet with SBDM councils
  9. Monitor for district accountability

Provide Fiscal Oversight

  1. Adopt annual budget
  2. Determine impact on student achievement
  3. Allocate resources to meet student needs
  4. Take necessary action to levy needed taxes
  5. Review district expenditures and variances
  6. Authorize payments
  7. Approve annual auditor report
  8. Approve contracts
  9. Approve facility plans
  10. Establish schools, acquire sites and erect buildings
  11. Manage all funds and property

Manage District Policies

  1. Make appropriate rules, regulations, and bylaws
  2. Review/revise policy
  3. Approve evaluation systems
  4. Set salary schedules
  5. Approve job descriptions
  6. Grant employee leaves of absence
  7. Provide student support services
  8. Adopt student behavior and discipline code
  9. Determine graduation requirements
  10. Set school year calendar
  11. Hold due-process hearings to determine student expulsion

 Advocate for Public Education

  1. Participate in community-wide school/district events
  2. Promote high levels of student achievement
  3. Listen and respond to citizen inquiries
  4. Recognize staff and student success
  5. Cultivate partnerships in the community
  6. Engage the community in school/district initiatives

Foster Board Team Effectiveness

  1. Actively participate in board meetings (regular and special)
  2. Attend work sessions and retreats as a team
  3. Participate in school board member professional development
  4. Participate in board team self evaluations
  5. Prepare adequately for meetings

For additional information, please contact the Kentucky School Boards Association at 800- 372-2962, or refer to the KSBA School Board Leadership Guide.

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