Training Requirements on Charter Schools

Training Requirements on Charter Schools

School board members in their capacity as charter school authorizers are required to earn a minimum number of training hours each year. This requirement is codified in 701 KAR 8:020 and is separate from the mandated training board members obtain under KRS 160.180; however, charter authorizer training may count toward mandated board training and vice versa if the requirements of both are met by the content of the training. 

Authorizers with eight or fewer years of experience will be required to complete 12 hours of training annually. Years of authorizing experience is NOT necessarily the same as years of board service as all board members are new charter authorizers for 2018. 

Authorizers with more than eight years of experience will be required to complete eight hours of training annually.

Charter training must be approved by the Commissioner of Education and includes the following topics:
  • Financial governance and transparency;
  • Conflict of interest;
  • Charter application;
  • Charter school contracting;
  • Charter school monitoring;
  • Charter school renewal, nonrenewal, and revocation;
  • Charter school closure;
  • Ethics;
  • Curriculum and instruction;
  • Educational service provided for special needs, at risk, English learner, gifted, and other special population students; and, 
  • Physical restraint and seclusion of students.

The regulation also provides an option for authorizers to reduce seat time by annually completing competency-based training, which will be a viable option for authorizers long-term once base knowledge and experience in charter authorizing is established.  

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