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Board members, teachers, administrators on the ballot


Kentucky School Advocate
October 2022

By Brenna R. Kelly
KSBA staff writer

While school board elections are the biggest focus this fall for most board members, there are also elections for state legislature, county magistrates, county judge-executives and other local offices.

Here are some school board members and other K-12 educators who are running for statewide or local offices on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.


Susan Cintra, a Madison County high school English teacher, is running for state Senate District 34. Cintra also serves as the Madison County Education Association president and chairperson of the Kentucky Department of Education’s Teachers Advisory Council.

Cintra, a Democrat, faces Republican incumbent Jared Carpenter.

House of Representatives

At least two school board members are running for seats in the state House.

Owensboro Ind. board member Michael Johnson is running in District 13. Johnson, a Democrat, has served on the Owensboro board for almost four years. A retired Naval officer, Johnson says he is running to put the needs of Daviess County residents above party politics and to strengthen the state’s public education system.

Johnson faces incumbent Republican DJ Johnson.

Warren County Schools board member Kevin Jackson is seeking the House District 20 seat. Jackson, a financial consultant, has served on the Warren County board for four years. Jackson says he is running to help get people back in the workforce, promote less dependence on government and support K-12 and higher education.

Jackson, a Republican, is running for House District 20, against incumbent Democrat Rep. Patti Minter.

In addition to board members, at least two teachers and one former administrator are seeking House seats.  

Pam Dossett, a teacher at Christian County’s Virtual Learning Academy, is running for state representative for District 8. An educator for the last 20 years, she previously taught at Highland Elementary, Holiday Elementary and Sinking Fork Elementary.

Dossett has said she is running to support working families and promote job growth and improve access to healthcare, housing and education.

Dossett, a Democrat, ran for the same seat in 2020 but lost to Republican Walker Thomas. She faces him again this fall.

Jefferson County teacher Beverly Chester-Burton is running unopposed for District 44. Chester-Burton, a Democrat, is currently on a leave of absence from Waller-Williams Environmental School and is the mayor of Shively. The seat is now held by Rep. Joni Jenkins, who decided to withdraw from the race when the district was redistricted to become majority-minority. Jenkins said she wanted to support a Black candidate for the seat.

Retired Webster County assistant superintendent Alan Lossner, a Democrat is running for District 12. Some of Lossner’s ideas to help schools and teachers include salary raises, signing bonuses, defined retirement plans and collective bargaining in the form of a union. He also wants to do more to provide students and educators with mental health support.

Lossner is facing Republican incumbent Lynn Bechler.

Bianca Crockram, a retired Christian County teacher is running for District 9. Crockram, who taught at Christian County High School and was a member of the district’s Racial Equity Committee, is a Democrat. She faces incumbent Republican Myron Dossett.

Several incumbent House members with K-12 education ties are up for election this year, most without opposition.

Kim Banta, a Republican, who is a retired Kenton County Schools assistant superintendent, is running unopposed for her District 63 seat. Former Ohio County Schools Superintendent Scott Lewis, a Republican, is running unopposed for his District 14 seat. Fayette County Schools administrator Killian Timoney, a Republican, is running unopposed for his District 45 seat. Republican Steve Riley, former principal of Barren County High School, is also running unopposed for his District 23 seat.

Former Jefferson County school board member Lisa Willner, a Democrat, is running unopposed for her District 35 seat. Jefferson County special education teacher Tina Bojanowski, a Democrat, is also running unopposed for her District 33 seat.

Former Frankfort Independent teacher Rep. Derrick Graham, a Democrat, faces Gary Stratton, a Republican, in a race to keep his District 57 seat.

Republican Timmy Truett, principal of Jackson County Schools’ McKee Elementary, faces Democrat Brittany Oliver in the race for the District 89 seat.

Local offices

Former Pendleton County superintendent Anthony Strong is running for magistrate in Pendleton County. Strong served as Pendleton County superintendent for seven years and Campbell County superintendent for six years. Strong, who is running for District 1 as a Democrat, said he plans to focus on infrastructure, population growth and business development opportunities in the county.

Strong is the vice president of Compass Municipal Advisors.

Strong faces incumbent Republican Alan Whaley.

Former Metcalfe County superintendent Benny Lile is running for judge-executive of Metcalfe County. Lile worked in education for 35 years, the last seven as superintendent before he retired in 2020. Lile says he is running to improve government communications, improve infrastructure and increase economic activity in the county.

Lile, a Republican, faces Democrat Larry N. Wilson.  

Know a board member, educator or administrator running for office that we missed? Email us at [email protected]

Here are important dates for the 2022 general election (Source: State Board of Elections):
Oct. 11: Last day to register to vote.
Oct. 25: Last day to request a mail-in absentee ballot.
Oct. 26: Excused, in-person absentee voting begins: Qualified voters may make application to cast an absentee ballot during normal business hours during the six business days immediately preceding the Thursday of no-excuse in-person absentee voting period.
Oct. 28: Last day to file as a write-in candidate.
Nov. 3-5: In-person no-excuse absentee voting to be conducted in the county clerk's office or other place designated by the county board of elections.
Nov. 8: Polls open for voting 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time.

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