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KSBA’s at-large directors fill large shoes

Kentucky School Advocate
October 2022

By Josh Shoulta
KSBA Director of Communications

KSBA is seeking candidates to fill four director-at-large seats on its board of directors. Members of the KSBA board focus their efforts on the shared interests of all Kentucky public school districts as well as the health and relevancy of the association. Consider taking your leadership skills to the next level as a member of KSBA’s board.

How are at-large directors selected?
Scheduled vacancies are filled through an application process conducted by KSBA’s Selection Committee. This ad-hoc committee is comprised of sitting directors appointed by KSBA’s president. In-person interviews, conducted on-site during KSBA’s Winter Symposium to be held Dec. 9-10 in Louisville, are required of all applicants.

Following the interviews, the committee will put forward candidates for ratification by KSBA members. Ratification takes place during KSBA’s annual business meeting at the 2023 Annual Conference, Feb. 24-26 in Louisville. During the business meeting, candidates will be given a few minutes each to address the members who then vote by acclamation. Upon acclamation, the new directors are installed and their three-year terms begin.

What are the main responsibilities of the KSBA Board of Directors?
KSBA’s board plays an integral part in setting the direction for the association. The board approves and monitors the association’s strategic plan and is charged with approving annual legislative priorities. KSBA board members also serve as strong advocates for legislative issues and are challenged to promote a positive public image of the association. In many ways, KSBA’s board represents the voices of school boards across the state.

The board of directors also plays an active governance role, similar in many ways to serving on your local school board; adopting policies, approving and monitoring the annual budget, and hiring, supporting and evaluating KSBA’s executive director.

What are the expectations for serving on KSBA’s board?
Members are selected with the understanding that they will attend and actively participate in all board meetings, including committee meetings. The board holds quarterly in-person meetings (typically in March, June, September and December) that may require overnight travel. Any committee meetings and special called meetings are often held virtually. KSBA expects board members to have a solid understanding of the association’s services and programs. KSBA bylaws hold board members to the highest standards of conduct.

If selected, will I be assigned to a committee?
Each director serves on at least one KSBA board committee, assigned by KSBA’s president. Current committees include Governance, External/Member Relations, Planning and Program Development, Performance Oversight/Monitoring and the Finance Subcommittee.

How do I apply?
Those interested in putting their names forward for an at-large director vacancy may complete an online application at ksba.org/BoardofDirectors.aspx. The deadline is Nov. 15. Questions may be directed to KSBA Executive Director Kerri Schelling at 1-800-372-2962 or at [email protected].

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