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2024 School Board Training Guide

Keys to Success

Kentucky School Advocate
January 2024

KSBA provides the Commonwealth’s 857 local school board members with options for meeting their annual state-mandated training requirements: in-person conferences, webinars, regional meetings, onsite in-district seminars, self-study curriculum, etc. As Kentucky’s leading advocate and resource for public school boards, KSBA strives to equip board members with the keys to success for actively championing public education and increasing student achievement in your districts.

This training guide highlights the state-mandated board training topics to be offered over the next 12 months (Ethics, Finance and Superintendent Evaluation), as well as a summary of scheduled events. Please note that, in addition to the state-mandated topics, KSBA will also once again offer a broad variety of elective training topics throughout the year, including many at the association’s three major conferences. Topics and descriptions for all conference sessions and webinars, including electives, will be made available when registration opens for those respective events. The training guide includes:

 List of state-mandated board training topics to be offered at 2024 conferences.

 Schedule of state-mandated board training topics to be offered as webinars.

 “New Board Member Express” training opportunities (recommended for board members in their first term of service).

 KSBA Academy of Studies program courses, topics and events.

 Preview of 2024 board training opportunities on elective topics.

 Explanation of state-mandated board training requirements.

Click here to view the 2024 School Board Training Guide.

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