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School Board Recognition Month

School Board Recognition Month

Kentucky School Advocate
January 2022

January is School Board Recognition Month. 2021 was a particularly tough year for board members across the nation and here at home. But despite the challenges, Kentucky school board members haven’t waivered from their commitment to the state’s children and public education. As we celebrate our 857 locally elected school board members this month, we asked members to explain why they decided to serve their communities.

I chose to run for school board because...

Ameila Berry, Frankfort Ind.: “I believe in the power of public education to change the trajectory of lives, communities, our nation and our world.”

Karen Delaney, Pendleton Co.: “I believe in the power of public education and our people. I felt that my experiences as a retired educator would be valuable.”

Pamela Slone, Spencer Co.: “A successful city/county must have an equally successful school board and community.”

Amanda Edmondson, Trimble Co.: “I love my community and state and want to be involved in development for the future of both.”

Lisa Smith, Grant Co.: “Every child needs a cheerleader in their corner.”

Suzanne Hundley, Oldham Co.: “I have four girls enrolled in my school system, I am a product of my school system, and I love my district!”

Joshua Mosby, Todd Co.: “I wanted to pour back into a community that poured into me.”

Linda Wellman, Greenup Co.: “To help establish better policies for educating our students.”

Donald Barnes, Lee Co.: “I am interested in helping the school system help the students be more prepared for their transition beyond school.”

Bill Staggs, Pikeville Ind.: “I have a passion for our young people to be successful and to make sure they have the educational tools to accomplish that.”

Norine Sullivan, Beechwood Ind.: “I deeply care about education, it is the great equalizer, giving each individual the pathway to success.”

Rodney Ward, Magoffin Co.: “Our kids deserve individuals in leadership roles who value the educational experience and understands its role in development.”

Josh Perkins, Campbell Co.: “I want to give something of myself back to the school district which nurtured and educated me.”

Clara Hyde, Trigg Co.: “I have a vested interest in our school, with a child currently in the district and being a former teacher in the district myself.”

Keith Collins, Boone Co.: “I believe a diversity of opinions will enhance the decision-making processes of the board, facilitating equity in opportunities.”    

Lisa Wallin, Boyd Co.: “I wanted to be part of the decision making as our local school board moves to prepare our students post-Covid for the 21st century.”

Tracy Bowling, Nelson Co.: “I watched my kids’ school struggle to stretch funds while on SBDM, I wanted to be part of change in the district.”

Gina Lyon, Caverna Ind.: “I want to be a part of ensuring that the children of my community get the education necessary to become productive successful adults.”

Jeremy Luckett, Owensboro Ind.: “I think physicians should be leaders in the community and I am passionate about education.”

Colleen Abate, Anchorage Ind.: “I live in a great school district and believe that it takes thoughtful, hard-working leaders to maintain that tradition.”

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, KSBA has made a contribution to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund on behalf of the Commonwealth’s 857 locally elected school board members.

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