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Election resources for 2022

Kentucky School Advocate
November 2021

By John Powell
KSBA staff attorney

When can candidates begin filing for 2022 school board races and when is the filing deadline?

The filing period is now open, and the deadline to submit completed paperwork is June 7, 2022. While that date feels like the distant future, candidates are encouraged to get a head start. Give yourself ample time to work with your county clerk to collect the necessary documents and to submit them according to statute; items such as your high school transcript (or proof of equivalency), and forms such as appointment of campaign treasurer and optional request for reporting exemption, affidavit for school board candidacy and membership, and the nominating petition.

Tip: A $20 fee is due upon filing of the petition, so don’t forget your cash or checkbook.

So, I must provide a high school transcript when I file to run?

Legislation enacted in 2018 requires candidates to submit transcripts proving completion of the 12th grade or the results of an equivalency exam.

If you graduated from a public high school in Kentucky prior to 2009, you can only get a paper copy directly from the school district’s central office. For the class of 2009 or later, electronic copies of your transcript may be requested via the Kentucky eTranscript system.

For those who achieved high school equivalency, you may request your GED test results from the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.

Tip: Private high schools and out-of-state public schools may have their own unique processes for requesting transcripts that take time; one more reason to start the process well ahead of the deadline.

What about unexpired terms of independent district board seats up for election?

Because candidates for seats on an independent board of education run at-large, there may be confusion about when an election for an unexpired term is held. If your independent district has an unexpired term up for election in fall 2022, the district needs to communicate with the county clerk to make sure that candidates seeking election to the unexpired term are distinguished on the ballot from those candidates who are seeking election to full terms.

Likewise, candidates for independent board seats need to indicate to the clerk when they file whether they are running for a full term or an unexpired term (if applicable). This should also be noted clearly on the filing petition.

Where can I learn more about the rules and requirements for school board election finance laws?

All candidates for school boards must comply with the reporting provisions of Kentucky’s election and campaign finance laws. A helpful publication prepared by the Registry of Election Finance, the “Candidate Guide to Campaign Finance” is accessible along with other campaign finance resources at kref.ky.gov.

Among a candidate’s responsibilities, he/she is prohibited from soliciting or accepting any political assessment, subscription, contribution or service from an employee of the school district (KRS 161.164). A violation of this statute may be grounds for disqualification from office.

Download KSBA’s 2022 School Board Election Resources Guide
Candidates seeking election to local school boards in 2022 are encouraged to carefully review KSBA’s 2022 School Board Election Resources Guide, complete with answers to frequently asked questions, a checklist, breakdown of requirements, sample documents and more. Find the guide at ksba.org/RunningforSchoolBoardinKentucky.aspx

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