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FAQs about training hours for members

Kentucky School Advocate
November 2019

Staff report

KSBA is always listening to our members and we are here to help. In addressing some of your most frequently asked questions, we hope to improve your association experience. Do you have questions you would like to see addressed in KSBA publications? Email them to [email protected].

Q: “I still have several charter authorizer training hours to complete before the Dec. 31 deadline. What are my training options?”
This year’s Winter Symposium, Nov. 22–23 in Louisville, marks the final conference before the Dec. 31 charter training deadline, and with it the final opportunity in 2019 to earn significant training hours. School board members must earn 12 charter training hours before this date. Self-study training is available for those needing just a few hours. The order form to request self-study credit can be found on KSBA’s website. 
Those who do not complete the required training may be subject to disciplinary action by the state. KSBA does not want that to happen to you!

Q: So I can earn the remainder of my charter authorizer credit hours through self-study training?

Only six hours of charter authorizer credit can be earned through self-study. Please note that a self-study training course can only be taken once during the entirety of your board service. Use this limited opportunity wisely.

Q: I have earned more school board training credit than I need this year. Will the extra training hours rollover to 2020?  
Training hours do not rollover to the following year, even if you earned more than the required amount. Earning more hours than required is not a bad thing, and it is very common. Last year, 87 percent of KSBA members exceeded the minimum number of training hours required by law. This likely happened for one of two reasons:  

1. Many school board members are interested in getting as much training as they can, maximizing their association membership and utilizing what they have learned in the board room. Through KSBA’s Academy of Studies a voluntary training track, board members receive recognition for achieving training levels above and beyond the minimum state requirements. 
2. On occasion, members exceed minimum training hours because they do not pay close attention to their hours and training topics. It is important for board members to track their hours, and to contact KSBA if there are questions. While KSBA mails training reports to all members in the spring, you may contact us anytime to your progress.

Q: During the first few months of 2020, how can I get a head start on my required training hours?  
KSBA is regularly increasing training opportunities, allowing members to comfortably pace the completion of hours over the course of a year. Make it a New Year’s resolution to get much of your training out of the way by summer.

Annual Conference – Feb. 21–23, 2020 in Louisville – KSBA’s 84th Annual Conference is the single biggest event of the year and offers the most comprehensive training opportunity while bringing together more than 1,000 school board members, superintendents and education leaders. 

‘Learn & Earn’ webinars – Periodically, KSBA will offer live online webinars on required board training topics. Typically lasting an hour, these trainings can be accessed remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Carefully read the KSBA Aware electronic newsletter (published twice per month) for upcoming “Learn & Earn” opportunities. 

In-district training – KSBA can take the show on the road. If your board wishes to complete certain topics as a board team, KSBA trainers can arrange to offer sessions on site within your district. This small group format offers a perfect atmosphere for questions and engagement. 

Summer Leadership Institute – July 10–11, 2020 in Lexington – KSBA offers this more intimately sized conference in summer. Take advantage of this two-day training before the busy school year starts.

If you have questions about your school board training hours, contact Board Team Development Director Laura Cole at 800-372-2962 ext. 1122 or [email protected].

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