KSBA eMeeting
Looking for a user-friendly virtually paperless board meeting service? Originally designed specifically for school boards, the KSBA eMeeting Service is available for school boards, school councils, and other public agencies.

eMeeting enables users to:

  • reduce costs,
  • increase efficiency,
  • eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and
  • enable members, staff and the community to utilize the latest in technology (iPad and smartphone compatible) to access meeting materials.

Using eMeeting, the Meeting Manager can create an electronic meeting—from developing the agenda to creating the minutes and everything in between. When the meeting is published, users receive an email to let them know the meeting is ready to be reviewed. With the ability to log in from the comfort of their homes or work place, or on the road, they can open and review the agenda and related documents. Using the search feature, users also can easily locate information from previous meetings. No more time consuming, tedious searches through mounds of paper or CD’s.

What else does eMeeting offer?
  • Secure login and password protected access for certain features and audiences
  • Access from any location with Internet access
  • Ability to download or print attachments
  • Option to provide a public link to meeting information
  • Calendar for tracking events
  • Links to legal documents (KRS, KAR, OAG, or online board of education policies)

To compare how much your board or council is currently spending on paper packets, click on a cost analysis form.

What Others are Saying...

"I just want to tell you every day how very much I LOVE eMeeting! It was so easy to manage/add agenda items and attachments when I was in California for my new grandson. I got home the day before the February Board meeting and everything went so smoothly! Wish we had done this years ago!" 

 Meeting Manager, Owensboro Independent 

"Since I have started using eMeeting, the time it takes me to get minutes done has been cut in half."


Meeting Manager, Mason County

“You would not believe how much easier eMeeting makes my life, especially on the Friday before Monday's Board Meeting”

Meeting Manager, Paintsville Independent

“I do not have to make copies, stuff packets, burn CDs, or deliver information to board members at their home or workplace. Everything is accessed through the Internet from wherever the board members may be. This has cut my time down from 2-3 days to 2-3 hours.”

Meeting Manager, Morgan County

“The first few months I used eMeeting I actually felt guilty because I wasn't staying after hours preparing volumes of materials. Making a change at the last minute was chaotic and very stressful; making a change now, even at the last minute, is merely a few key strokes.”

Meeting Manager, Campbell County

“We have loved this style of meetings…”

Principal, Trigg County Council

“Our SBDM council members have been thrilled with the effectiveness and efficiency of our SBDM eMeeting service. This wonderful resource has improved our communication and the efficiency of our meetings – I can only imagine the great things we will accomplish once we become even more proficient with it. Also, the money we have saved on materials and labor with eMeeting will be available to use with or supplement our instructional programs to meet the needs of our students.”

Principal, Owen County Council

eMeeting is priced affordably for boards and councils. For more information, to request a demonstration, or sign up, contact us by email or call 1-800-372- 2962. 


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Katrina Kinman (x1219)


Garnett Thurman (x1216)


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Have an eMeeting Emergency?

Call 502-783-2727 for problems that occur after normal working hours and cannot wait until the next working day.

Brochures and Cost Analysis Forms
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