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School Board Member Code of Ethical Conduct

As a member of the local board of education, acknowledging that my actions must be centered on the educational welfare of all students, I shall adhere to the following ethical standards:
  • Be fair, just and impartial in all of the decisions as a school board member
  • Come to every meeting prepared for the work to be undertaken at that session
  • Accord other members, parents and the community with respect
  • Seek involvement in my decision making by those I have been elected to represent
  • Uphold all laws, regulations and final court orders pertaining to schools and related processes
  • Be honest with my colleagues, district personnel, my constituents and other interested parties
  • Respect the professional expertise of district staff in the management of our schools
  • Ensure the prudent and accountable use of the district’s resources and finances
  • Listen to other points of view with an open mind
  • Pursue opportunities to improve my knowledge of educational issues and board skills
  • Refuse to surrender my judgment to any individual or group at the expense of the district
  • Keep confidential any information that is privileged under Kentucky law or board policy
  • Recognize the scope of my role as a board member and that of the board as a whole
  • Work collaboratively with fellow board members to adopt and apply board policies
  • Refer issues requiring administrative action to the appropriate school or district authority
  • Refrain from actions which would encroach on the assigned responsibilities of school personnel
  • Avoid conflicts of interest as well as any public appearances of conflicts with my office
  • Express my personal opinion but upon final board action accept the will of the majority
  • Make no promise or take individual steps that may impede the ethical performance of my duties.
Adopted and endorsed by KSBA Board of Directors, September 2013
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